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Professor Roger Smart 

Position: Emeritus Professor Professor Roger Smart
Division/Portfolio: Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment
School/Unit: School of Natural and Built Environments
Campus: Mawson Lakes Campus
Office: H2-18
Telephone: +61 8 830 23353
Fax: +61 8 830 23683
Email: Roger_dot_Smart_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Roger.Smart

Roger is a graduate in surface chemistry from the Universities of Western Australia and East Anglia (UK) and has worked at Flinders University (Adelaide), University of Papua New Guinea and Griffith University (Brisbane). At the University of South Australia, he founded the SA Surface Technology Centre in 1987 and was Deputy Director of the Ian Wark Research Institute from its inception to 2002. Since August 2004, he has been Deputy Director of a new Applied Centre for Structural and Synchrotron Studies (ACeSSS) at UniSA. His research interests over 35 years have encompassed surface chemistry and reactions of oxides, sulphides, minerals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, salts and metals; surface spectroscopy; materials and biomaterials science; leaching and dissolution; nuclear waste disposal; solid state reactivity; and adsorption in soil mineral systems. He has published 4 edited books, 25 major reviews as book chapters and more than 200 scientific papers. Since 1988 he has been closely involved with industry in the surface chemistry and modification of mineral and material surfaces in processing through a number of research contracts.This research has focussed on geochemical and surface chemical control of minerals separation by flotation, dissolution kinetics of oxides and sulphides, reactions and particle aggregation in tailings and waste rock systems with particular focus on environmental assessment and control of mining wastes.

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Professional associations

Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute

International Technical and User Advisory Group,Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility

Adjunct Professor: Depts Earth Sciences, Chemistry (Surface Science Western) University of Western Ontario (Canada).


B.Sc. Hons (University of Western Australia 1965

Ph.D. University of East Anglia (UK) 1969

Honours and Awards (1) Science Research Scholarship, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 (UK), University of East Anglia, 1966-1969. (2) Rothmans Research Fellowship, Flinders University of S.A., 1969-1970. (3) Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Papua New Guinea, 1972-1973. (4) Commissioner, Metric Conversion Commission, Papua New Guinea, 1972-1973. (5) Royal Society Research Fellow, University of Bristol (U.K.), 1974. (6) Councillor, Australian Institute for Nuclear Science & Engineering, 1981-2000. (7) Chair, Solid State Division, Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 1985-88. (8) Chair, Colloid & Surface Science Division, Royal Australian Chemical Institute,1993-95. (9) Senior (Professorial) Research Fellow, Australian Research Council, 1992-1997. (10) Comalco Visiting Fellow, University of Tasmania, 1998

Research interests

  • Research Fields: Minerals Processing; Environmental Waste Processing; Materials Processing; Biomaterials; Surface Science: including surface and solid state chemistry of oxides, sulfides, minerals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, salts and metals; mineral separation; acid mine drainage assessment and control; surface spectroscopy; materials and biomaterials science; leaching and dissolution; nuclear waste disposal; solid state reactivity; adsorption in soil mineral systems.

Research publications

2009 Publications. 1. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic chemical state quantification of mixed nickel metal, oxide and hydroxide systems, Mark C. Biesinger, Brad P. Payne, N. Stewart McIntyre Andrea Gerson and Roger St.C. Smart, Surface and Interface Analysis, 41, 324-332 (2009). 2. Generation of a stable surface concentration of amino groups on silica coated onto titanium substrates by the plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition method, Endre J. Szili, Sunil Kumar, Roger St. C. Smart, Nicolas H. Voelcker, Applied Surface Science, 255, 6846-6850 (2009). 3. Collectorless Flotation of Pyroxene in Merensky Ore: Residual Layer Identification using Statistical ToF-SIMS Analysis, Marek Jasieniak and Roger St. C. Smart, International Journal of Mineral Processing, 92, 169-176 (2009) 4. Application of high frequency ultrasound in the destruction of DDT in contaminated sand and water, Kandasamy Thangavadivel, Mallavarapu Megharaj, Roger St.C. Smart, Peter J. Lesniewski , Ravi Naidu, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 168, 1380-1386 (2009). 5. Observation of Gaseous Films at Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Removal by Ultrasonic Action, Marek S. Zbik, Jianhua Du, Rada Pushkarova and Roger St.C. Smart, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 336(2), 616-623 (2009).

See Link to Publications page for full list of journal papers, books, book chapters and refereed conference papers

Research Degree Supervisor

Completed: 20 Ph.D, 9 M.Sc., 2 M.App.Sci., 10B.Sc.(Hons). Current: 4 Ph.D.

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