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Professor Sajid Anwar 

Position: Adjunct Professor Professor Sajid Anwar
Division/Portfolio: University of South Australia Business School
School/Unit: School of Commerce
Campus: City West Campus
Email: Sajid_dot_Anwar_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Sajid.Anwar

Teaching interests

  • Business Finance, International Business, International Economics, Quantitative Methods.


PhD (UBC), MA (McMaster)

Research interests

  • Generally speaking my areas of interest can be categorised as International Business, International Economics and International Finance. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of foreign investment and provision of public infrastructure on sectoral growth.

Research publications

Anwar, S. "Wage Inequality, Increased Competition and Trade Liberalisation: Shortrun vs Longrun," Review of International Economics, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S. and Lan Phi Nguyen, "Financial Development and Economic Growth in Vietnam," Journal of Economics and Finance, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S. and J. Rice, "Labour Mobility and Wage Inequality in the presence of Endogenous Foreign Investment," Economic Modelling, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S. "Wage Inequality, Welfare and Downsizing," Economics Letters, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S., "Sector Specific Foreign Investment, Labour Inflow, Economies of Scale and Welfare," Economic Modelling, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S. and L.P. Nguyen, "Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Vietnam," Asia Pacific Business Review, Forthcoming.

Anwar, S. "Labour Inflow Induced Wage Inequality and Public Infrastructure," Review of Development Economics, Vol. 14 (2) 2008, 792-802.

Anwar, S. "Labour Supply, Foreign Investment and Welfare in the presence of Public Infrastructure," Economic Modelling, Vol. 25, 2008, 959-967.

Anwar, S. and C.Y. Sam, "Services Sector Growth in Singapore," Singapore Management Review, Vol. 30 (2), 2008, 19-33.

Anwar, S. "Foreign Investment, Human Capital and Manufacturing Sector Growth in Singapore," Journal of Policy Modeling, Volume 30 (3), May-June 2008, 447-453.

Anwar, S. and C.Y. Sam, "Private Sector Governance and Singaporean Government Linked Corporations," International Public Management Review, Vol. 7 (2) December 2006, 66-82.

Anwar, S. "Factor Mobility and Wage Inequality in the presence of Specialisation-based External Economies," Economics Letters, Vol. 93 (1), October 2006, 88-93.

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Anwar, S. and B. Prideaux, "Regional Economic Growth: An Evaluation of the Northern Territory," Economic Papers, September 2005, 194-214.

Anwar, S. and J. Hamilton, "Tourism into the Future - Towards 2020 and Beyond," Tourism Recreation Research, 2005, Vol. 30 (3), 77-85.

Zheng, M. and S. Anwar, "Rational Legal Decision-Making, Value Judgment, and Efficient Precaution in Tort Law," Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 161(3), 2005, 411-427.

Anwar, S. "Specialisation-based External Economies, Supply of Primary Factors and Government Size," Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 57, 2005, 259-271.

Anwar, S. "Capital Inflow in the presence of Endogenous Labour Supply and Monopolistic Competition," The Economic Record, September 2004, S76-S82.

Anwar, S. and M. Zheng, "International Factor Mobility, Government Size and Welfare," Australian Economic Papers, June 2004, 248-255.

Anwar, S. and B. Catley, "Reform, Structural Change and Growth in Australian Economy," Australian Studies, Vo. 19 (1), 2004, 53-90.

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Anwar, S. "Increased Input Supplies, Government Size, Welfare and Trade in the Presence of Increasing Returns," Journal of Economics, Vol. 78, No. 3, 2003, 259-272.

Anwar, S., "Globalisation and National Economic Development: Analysing Benefits and Costs," Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 8, No. 4, 2002, 411-423.

Anwar, S. "Foreign Investment, Government Spending on Industries and Export Growth in Malaysia," International Journal of Business Studies, June 2001, 21-34.

Anwar, S. "Commercial Policy and International Factor Mobility in the Presence of Monopolistic Competition," Journal of Economics, Vol. 74, No. 3, 2001, 259-281.

Anwar, S. "Government Spending on Public Infrastructure, Prices, Production and International Trade," Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol 41, No. 1, February 2001, 19-31.

Anwar, S. "Protection, International Factor Mobility and Monopolistic Competition," Finnish Economic Papers, Vol. 13, No. 2, Autumn 2000, 116-128.

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