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Dr Giancarlo Chiro 

Position: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Giancarlo Chiro
Division/Portfolio: Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
School/Unit: School of Communication, International Studies and Languages
Campus: Magill Campus
Office: B1-13
Telephone: +61 8 830 24653
Fax: +61 8 830 24396
Email: Giancarlo_dot_Chiro_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Giancarlo.Chiro

Benvenuti al mio sito personale! (Welcome to my home page). I am the program director for the Diploma in Languages and Culture Studies. My teaching and research areas cover Italian Studies, ethnic and intercultural studies, cultural identity, language maintenance, migration and multiculturalism.

Teaching interests

  • Italian language, culture and society
  • Ethnic and intercultural studies
  • Cultural identity and language maintenance
  • Globalization, migration and multiculturalism

I teach the following courses

LANG 1029Italian 2A
LANG 1028Italian 2B
LANG 1054Intercultural Communication
HUMS 2038Migration, Diversity and Citizenship

Professional associations

I am a member of a number of academic and research centres such as the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures Education at UniSA, the Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism research group of the Australian Sociological Association, the Language and Society research panel of the International Institute of Sociology and the Culture, Knowledge and Communication research committee of the International Sociology Association.


B.A. (Hons) Flinders University

Grad. Dip Ed (Adelaide University)

Ph. D (Adelaide University)

Research interests

  • Cultural identity and language maintenance among minority groups in ethnically plural societies
  • Italian culture and society
  • Ethnicity, migration and multiculturalism

Research publications

Chiro, G (2014) Cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia: navigating between the Scylla of nationhood and the Charybdis of globalisation, International Journal of Multilingualism, 11:3, 334-346, DOI: 10.1080/14790718.2014.921179.

Marino, S & Chiro, G 2014 Family alliances and “comparatico” among a group of Calabrian-Australian families living in Adelaide, South Australia Journal of Anthropological Research, Vol 70:107-130.

Chiro, G. and Marino, S. (2013) Spiritual kinship (comparatico) as social capital: a study of Calabrian–Australian families living in Adelaide, South Australia. Reflections, Intersections and Aspirations 50 years of Australian Sociology, TASA Conference, 24 – 28 November, 2013 Melbourne.

Marino, S & Chiro, G (2013) Il comparatico come capitale sociale tra famiglie di origine calabrese residenti ad Adelaide, Sud Australia, The ACIS 7th Biennial Conference 'Re-imagining Italian Studies', Flinders University and the University of South Australia, 4-6 December 2013Adelaide.

Marino, S & Chiro, G (2013) Tradition and identity: an ethnographic case study of seven Calabrian families living in Adelaide, South Australia Studi emigrazione, No. 190

Chiro, G. and Marino, S. (2012) Tradition and identity: a case study of multigenerational Calabrian families living in Adelaide, South Australia. Emerging and Enduring Inequalities, TASA Conference, 26 – 29 November, 2012 Brisbane.

Marino, S., Chiro, G. & Curnow, T. (2012) The relevance of Calabrian identity for the transmission of cultural and linguistic practices in Australia. Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Conference 12, 13, 14 November 2012 Perth.

Curnow, T., Marino, S. & Chiro, G. (2012) Language maintenance in seven Australian families of Calabrian background Australian Linguistic Society (ASL) Conference, 4-7 December 2012 Perth.

Chiro, G. and Daou (2011) Druze identity and the impact of transnationalism among Druze families in South Australia. Threadgold, S. and Kirby, E. (eds) Local Lives/Global Networks, University of Newcastle.

Chiro, G. (2010) The Rise and Fall of Multiculturalism in Australia: A Return to Integrationism?. In A. J. Liddicoat and A. Scarino (eds) Languages in Australian Education: Problems, Prospects and Future Directions, 109–125. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scolars Publishing

Chiro, G. (2009) The Marginalisation of Multiculturalism and the Emergence of Social Cohesion and Inclusion Politics in Australia. In S. Lockie, D. Bissell, A. Greig, M. Hynes, D. Marsh, L. Saha, J. Sikora and D. Woodman; (Eds) The Future of Sociology: The Australian Sociological Association 2009 Annual Conference. Canberra: Australian national University

Chiro, G. (2008) Evaluations of cultural identity in the personal narratives of a group of tertiary students of Italian ancestry. FULGOR, 3 (3): 17–30.

Chiro, G. and Daou, D. (2008) Culture Maintenance and Identity among Members of the Druze Community in South Australia. Reimagining Sociology TASA Conference - December 5 – 8, 2008

Chiro, G. (2007) Cultural Values, Identity and Language Maintenance in Humanistic Sociological Perspective. Keynote address to the Third Symposium On Language Policy, Diversity And Welfare, Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, 27–29 June 2007.

Chiro, G and Vadura, K. (2007) Whither European Integration? The Impact of Multicultural Identities in a Globalising Context. Paper delivered at the New Europe, New Governance, New Worlds? Conference, Monash University European and EU Centre, 12–14 April 2007.

Chiro, G. (2007) European Cosmopolitanism: Lessons from Multicultural Australia? Paper presented to the Australasian Political Studies Association, Monash University, 24–26 September 2007.

Chiro, G. (2005) Cultura economica e livello sociale degli italiani d’Australia. S.Battente (ed) Da emigranti ad imprenditori: gli italiani all'estero nel secondo dopoguerra, in Memoria e ricerca, XIII, n.18, Franco Angeli, Milano.

Chiro, G. (2004) Language, Core Values and Cultural Identity Among First Generation Italians in South Australia. In D. O’Connor (ed), Memories and Identities: Proceedings of the Second Conference on the Impact of Italians in South Australia. Australian Humanities Press.

Chiro, G. (2003) Cultural maintenance and ethnic identity: a model of cultural types. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 3 (2), 2 – 19.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J. (2002) Italian family values and ethnic identity in Australian Schools.Educational Practice and Theory, 24(2): 37–51.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J.(1999). Evaluations of language and social systems by a group of tertiary students of Italian ancestry in Australia. Altreitalie, vol. 18.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J.(1997). The Activation and Evaluation of Italian Language and Culture among Tertiary Students of Italian Ancestry in Australia. In R. Watts & J.J. Smolicz (eds.) Cultural Democracy and Ethnic Pluralism: Multicultural and Multilingual Policies in Education, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 213-242.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J.(1994). Has the Language Time-Clock Run Down for Italian in Australia? A Study of Tertiary Students of Italian Ancestry. In N. Bivona (ed.) Proceedings of the International Conference Italian Towards 2000, Victoria University of Technology.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J. (1993). Is Italian Language a Core Value of Italian Culture in Australia? A Study of Second Generation Italian-Australians. Studi emigrazione, 110: 311-343.

Chiro, G. C. and Smolicz, J. J. (1990). La conservazione e l'erosione della lingua italiana tra giovani con background linguistico veneto. In G. Padoan (ed.) Presenza, Cultura, Lingua e Tradizioni dei Veneti nel Mondo. Venice: Giunta Regionale del Veneto, 189-214.

Expertise for Media Contact

I am able to provide media comment in the following areas of expertise:

Discipline: Sociology

  • Ethnicity, Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • Cultural identity and language maintenance

Research Degree Supervisor

My main research interests and supervisory expertise resides in studies relating to the cultural adaptation, identity and language maintenance and modification among ethnic groups in multicultural societies.

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