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Professor Linda Zou 

Position: Adjunct Professor Professor Linda Zou
Division/Portfolio: Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment
School/Unit: School of Natural and Built Environments
Group: Centre for Water Management and Reuse
Campus: Mawson Lakes Campus
Office: H3-31
Telephone: +61 8 830 25489
Fax: +61 8 830 23386
Email: Linda_dot_Zou_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Linda.Zou

Professor Linda Zou received her PhD in chemistry from Monash University (1998). Her main research contributions are in the fields of novel nanomaterials synthesis, including ordered mesoporous carbons, conductive graphene nano-sheets and visible light sensitive TiO2/prorous adsorbent nano-composites, and their application to solve “real world” problems, in desalination and water purification. In desalination research, Dr Zou has focused on applying nanotechnology in low energy alternative desalination methods. Her contribution in developing novel carbons electrode materials in capacitive deionisation process has achieved greatly improved electrode efficiency and is received recognition internationally. Her recent research work involves on developing novel membrane surfaces for low biofouling. From 2000 until now, Professor Linda Zou has been successful in receiving ten national competitive ARC grants and National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED) grants. She currently leads one Discovery project and three NCED funded research projects. Her research outcomes have been well published on peer reviewed international journals and she is a regular presenter at prestige International Water Association Conferences. She is the main inventor of one international patent and three provisional patents, and has attracted substantial funding for industrial related R & D. Dr Zou is the principal supervisor of 7 PhD students.

Employment history in Australia:

1999-2003 Lecturer, School of Engineering and Technology, Deakin University.

2004-2005 Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Technology, Deakin University.

2006-May 2008 Associate Professor, Institute for Sustainability and Innovation, Victoria University.

June 2008- December 2010 Associate Professor, SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse, School of Natural and Built Environment, University of South Australia.

January 2011- Present, Research Professor,University of South Australia

Links to other sites

Prof Linda Zou's Research Group: Nanotechnology and Membrane in Desalination

Teaching interests

  • Advanced Materials Undergraduate Program -Advanced Materials and Water

Professional associations

Current Member of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Current member of American Chemical Society (ACS)

Current member of International Water Association (IWA)

Current member of International Desalination Association (IDA)

Current member of Australian Water Association (AWA)

Fellow Member (F.I.C.C.E.) International Congress of Chemistry and Environment


PhD Monash University

MEng Asian Institute of Technology

BEng Beijing University of Technology

Research interests

  • Developing novel carbon based electrode materials for low energy alternative desalination processes
  • Membrane surface modification for fouling resistance
  • Synthesize nano-structured materials for environmental applications, such as TiO2/porpous nanocomposites
  • Desalination brine waste treatment
  • Membrane filtration for fit for purpose water reuse/recycle
  • Using combined advanced oxidation processes to treat the industrial effluent for water reuse.

Research publications

Y. Chun, F. Zaviska, E. Cornelissen,L. Zou “A case study of fouling development and flux reversibility of treating actual lake water by forward osmosis process” , Desalination, 357(2015), Pages 55–64.

F. Zaviska and L. Zou "Using modelling approach to validate a bench scale forward osmosis pre-treatment process for desalination", Desalination 350(2014), pp. 1-13.

Y. Wimalasiri, M. Mossad, L. Zou “Thermodynamics and kinetics of adsorption of ammonium ions by graphene laminate electrodes in capacitive deionization”, Desalination, 357 (2015), Pages 178–188.

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Expertise for Media Contact

I am able to provide media comment in the following areas of expertise:

Discipline: Water treatment technolgoies

  • Alternative low energy capacitive desalination
  • Membrane filtration
  • Nanotechnology in water purtification
  • Advanced matierials in water application
  • Desalination waste issues

Research Degree Supervisor


• ‘Composite conductive electrodes for low energy desalination’ (ARC Discovery, 2010-2012)

• “High peformance conductive mesoporous carbon electrodes: a low energy desalination alternative” (2008-2011, ARC Linkage, industrial partner: Docklands Science Park).

• ‘Materials engineering solutions for tomorrow’s water resources’ (ARC Linkage, 2010-2012)

• “New nanocomposites of porous materials and visible light sensitive TiO2 for efficient wastewater purification” (2008-2011, ARC Linkage, industry partner: City West Water)

• “Designing the surface and structural properties of MFI zeolite membranes for low energy ion selective desalination” (2008-2011, ARC Discovery)

• ‘Capacitive deionisation for high recovery and low energy desalination of brackish water supplies’ (2010–2011, funded by Water Quality Research Australia)

• ‘Developing highly conductive electrodes for capacitive desalination’ (2010–2011, funded by National Centre of Excellence in Desalination).

• ‘Application of capacitive deionisatio nin inland brackish water desalination’ (2011–2012, funded by National Centre of Excellence in Desalination).

• “Improving aesthetic quality by removing colour and trace organics from treated wastewater for recycle” (2006-2008, industrial partners: Victoria Water industry and NanoVic)

• “Integrated membrane systems-opportunities for designer reclaimed water” (2006-2008, industry partner: Victoria Water industry)

• “Optimising the UV protection of textiles with nano zinc oxide” (Funded by ARC Linkage grant 2006-2008, LP067830 Industry partner: Micronisers)

• “Titanium /silicon dioxide nanostructured materials” (Funded by Nanotechnology Victoria 2005-2006).

• “Removal of low level toxic air pollutants from car cabins by photocatalytic oxidation” (Funded by ARC- Linkage grant 2003-2005, industrial partner, Air International)

• “Optimisation of fuel consumption and vehicle emission by simulating the integrated air conditioning and engine controls” (Funded by ARC-Linkage grant 2004-2006, industrial partner: Air International)

• “Hybrid cooling for coal fired power station” (Funded by ARC-Linkage grant 2006-2008, Industry partner: Anglesea Power Station)

• “Stabilisation of brown coal fly ash to minimise leaching by geopolymer before landfill disposal” (Funded by ARC-Linkage grant in 2001-2003, industry partner: Hazelwood Power Station)

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