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Dr Tatiana Zalan 

Position: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Tatiana Zalan
Division/Portfolio: University of South Australia Business School
School/Unit: School of Management
Campus: City West Campus
Email: Tatiana_dot_Zalan_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Tatiana.Zalan

Tatiana Zalan graduated with first-class honours in foreign language teaching and spent over ten years working in Bulgaria in state-owned enterprises and a private start-up. After migrating to Adelaide (Australia) with her family in 1993, Tatiana worked with the National Australia Bank (International Department) and, on completion of her MBA (Adelaide Graduate School of Business), with Welding Industries of Australia in a marketing role. In 2003, Tatiana finished her PhD in international strategy and joined the faculty of the Department of Management, University of Melbourne, where she taught international business, strategy and management at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In 2005 she was awarded the Dean’s Certificate for Excellence in Post-Graduate Teaching.

In addition to teaching at the University of Melbourne, Tatiana has also undertaken consultancy work and has taught strategy and international business on short programs for post-graduates and executives. During 2006, she was a visiting scholar at the Melbourne Business School (the leading business school in Australia) and the International Institute for Management Development (IMD – Lausanne), the world leader in executive education, where she worked on joint research projects and attended numerous classroom sessions. In June 2007, Tatiana returned to Adelaide to join the IGSB.

Tatiana’s research is focussed on understanding what explains the success and failure of international firms and industries. She has published in national and international journals, and contributed book chapters, monographs and articles in the media in this area. Tatiana is a major contributor to the book ‘The Internationalisation Strategies of Small-Country Firms: The Australian Experience of Globalisation” (Edward Elgar, 2007). Tatiana has a particular research interest in the international success and failure of the Australian wine industry.

Tatiana’s major interest outside work is family and friends. Having worked and lived in three countries, Tatiana is fluent in English, Russian and Bulgarian.

Teaching interests

  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Qualitative Research Methods

I teach the following courses

BUSS 5080Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BUSS 5034International Business Strategy
BUSS 5252Corporate Strategy
(This course is not currently being taught)
BUSS 5390Strategic Management M

Professional associations

Worldwide's Who is Who

Academy of Management

Academy of International Business

Australia New Zealand Academy of International Business

Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)


PhD (Flinders University of South Australia)

MBA (Adelaide Graduate School of Business)

BEd (Moscow)

Cert. in International Business (Aust. Institute of Exports)

Research interests

  • International success and failure of firms and industries
  • The Australian and global wine industry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Topics for potential supervision

  • Strategy and entrepreneurship for the digital age, with a focus on two-sided markets.
  • The unifying theme of the topics listed below is what has been recently identified as THE big question in international strategy (Peng, 2003): What explains the success and failure of international firms?
  • Strategies of internationalising firms from emerging markets. Research on strategies / business models of firms from emerging markets (particularly from BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China) seeking to expand internationally is in its infancy. Yet companies like Haier (China), CVRD (Brazil), Tata Steel (India) and Evraz (Russia) have become or quickly becoming world leaders in their industries. Some of the most critical issues here are - What enables the emerging giants to defy the traditional obstacles posed by their emerging market location and successfully become globally competitive? What aspects of their countriesÍ business heritage can be leveraged as a source of advantage in the next round of competition? What aspects will need to be abandoned? This topic would suit a potential PhD candidate located or having connections in one of those emerging markets.
  • International entrepreneurship / born global firms. Although the past decade has produced a significant volume of research on early and rapidly internationalising firms, it has been fragmented and lacking a cohesive theoretical framework (Liesch et al., 2007). As the most comprehensive review of the literature to date suggests (Rialp et al., 2005: 162), ñthe greatest problem facing scholars in the emergent field of international entrepreneurship and of early internationalising firms is the sheer paucity of research conducted to dateî. A research project which aims at filling some of the theoretical and empirical gaps in the existing literature is a welcome opportunity.
  • Origins of competitive advantage in young entrepreneurial firms. The influential resource-based view of the firm (e.g., Barney, 1991) suggests that a firmÍs sustainable competitive advantage is due to firm resources that are valuable, rare, and hard to imitate and substitute. But how do firms, particularly young entrepreneurial firms venturing abroad, develop these resources? What are the origins of the firmsÍ competitive advantages?

Research publications

Selected Publications

Success and failure of (international) firms, industries and new ventures

Zalan, Tatiana & Fuming Jiang (2011)
'In the Mind of a Leader: Political Ideology and Corporate Social Responsibility', Strategic Management Society 31st Annual International Conference, Miami, 6-9 November

Zalan, Tatiana (2007)
'Strategies for Global Leadership: The Australian Experience', Catedra Corona, Monografías de Administración, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. (monograph)

Zalan, Tatiana (2007)
'Large Australian Firms: Empirical Evidence on Internationalisation' in D.Merrett & H.Dick (eds), Internationalisation Strategies of Small Country Firms: The Australian Experience of Globalisation, Cheltenham, UK/Northhampton, MA, US: Edward Elgar, pp. 64-93.

Zalan, Tatiana & Geoffrey Lewis (2006)
'The administrative heritage of large Australian firms: An exploratory study' Australian Journal of Management, 31(2).

Lewis, Geoffrey & Tatiana Zalan (2005).
'Can Australia compete internationally?  The old question revisited in the light of new evidence', Asia-Pacific Business Review, 11(3): 309-326.

Osegowitsch, Thomas & Tatiana Zalan (2005)
'Two decades of multinationality-performance research: The persistent problem of under-specification', Academy of International Business annual conference, July, Quebec City.

International competitiveness of the Australian wine industry
Tatiana has a long-standing interest in the Australian wine industry and its competitiveness in international markets.

Lewis, Geoffrey, Tatiana Zalan & Matthew Schebella (2013) “The Australian Wine Industry. An unsustainable boom and inevitable bust. Analysis of strategic positioning”, American Association of Wine Economists annual conference (AAWE), 26-29 June, Stellenbosch.

Lewis, Geoffrey & Tatiana Zalan (2012) “Wine Consumers’ Buying Behavior: Facts, Fallacy and Experimental Evidence”, International Conference on Innovation & Trends in Wine Management, Dijon, France, June 22, 2012. The paper won the conference Best Paper Award from IMV & UNESCO.

Zalan, Tatiana & Geoffrey Lewis (2007)
'The wine industry' in D.Merrett & H.Dick (eds), Internationalisation Strategies of Small Country Firms: The Australian Experience of Globalisation, Cheltenham, UK/Northhampton, MA, US: Edward Elgar, pp. 195-214.

Curriculum development
Tatiana is dedicated to educating aspiring and current managers and entrepreneurs and is committed to the teaching - scholarship nexus through curriculum design and development, case study writing and teaching-oriented scholarly articles.

Zalan, Tatiana & Vladimir Pucik (2011)
'AACP: The Turnaround' in Jick, T.D., & Peiperi, M.A. (eds) Managing Change: Cases and Concepts (3Rd Edition).  Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill (the best-selling change management book).

Lewis, Geoffrey & Tatiana Zalan (2011)
'Encouraging Pre-reading: Strategy Quiz for Executive Education', Journal of Strategic Management Education, Vol. 7 (1).

Zalan, Tatiana & Geoffrey Lewis (2010)
'Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Economic Change' available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1681737

Zalan, Tatiana & Vladimir Pucik (2010)
'Ayudhya Allianz C.P.: The i2S initiative, IMD-3-1968', available from http://www.ecch.com/

Zalan, Tatiana & Pucik, Vladimir (2007)
'Rebuilding ABB (A) IMD-3-1797', available from http://www.ecch.com/

Zalan, Tatiana (2007)
'Southcorp Limited: Winemaker's winding road', in C.W.L. Hill, G. Jones, P. Galvin & A. Haidar, 'Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach'. 2nd Australasian edition, Milton: John Wiley & Sons, C80-C91.

Community engagement
Tatiana has presented to the business community on multiple occasions, and her research on the impact of overseas investments on firms’ performance and on the Australian wine industry has been cited on multiple occasions in the media.

Presentation of research (by Prof. Lewis) on the lessons learnt from the crisis in the Australian wine industry 'Wagyu, Wine and Willingness to Pay', AWA annual conference, 24 Sept, 2011, Melbourne, http://www.wagyu.org.au/joomla/pdf/Lewis_wine.pdf

Presentation of research by Prof Lewis and Dr Zalan 'Can Australia Compete Internationally?' at the Melbourne Business Breakfast Series (MBS / Deloitte), 21 April 2006, Melbourne, Australia.

Presentation of research by Prof Lewis and Dr Zalan on the impact of overseas investment by Australian companies on their performance, 16 February 2006, Hindal Corporate Pty Ltd (a corporate advisory services group, Melbourne, Australia).

Chenoweth, N. (2006) Falling sky, The Australian Financial Review, 17 July, p. 46.

Johnston, M. (2006) Short-term view threatens wine exports, UniNews, V 15(3) 6-20 March.

Anonymous (2006) Wine Strategy Wrong, The Australian Financial Review, 27 February, p. 32.

Roberts, C. (2004) ‘Voyage to disappointment’, Business Review Weekly, 4-10 March, pp. 64-65.

Kerin, P. (2005) ‘Lessons from the battlefield’, Business Review Weekly, 20-26 January, p. 10.

Expertise for Media Contact

I am able to provide media comment in the following areas of expertise:


  • International Strategies of Australian Firms
  • Internationalisation of the wine industry
  • Global entrepreneurship

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