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Ms Andrea Duff 

Position: Indigenous Content and Service Learning Advisor Ms Andrea Duff
Division/Portfolio: Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment
School/Unit: Information Technology Engineering and the Environment Divisional Office
Campus: Mawson Lakes Campus
Office: P1-42
Telephone: +61 8 830 23233
Email: Andrea_dot_Duff_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Andrea.Duff

Other Contacts

Project Officer ICUP and Community Service Learning Project - Petra Nisi: 8302 5632 

I work within the Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment (ITEE) on two major projects. These are: Indigenous Content in Undergraduate Programs (ICUP) and Community Service Learning.

The ICUP project involves building cultural awareness and professional competency across all undergraduate programs which have a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) focus particularly where working with Aboriginal Australians is concerned.

I also teach Community Service Learning Project 1 & 2 where cross-disciplinary teams of students explore how their discipline knowledge intersects with community organisations. Students develop community projects for organisations who assist a range of people.

Prior to working at UniSA, I worked in the not-for-profit sector for Riding for the Disabled; The Royal Society for the Blind and Guides SA. I have a background in teaching Communication and the Media; Media Ethics; Public Relations and Reading, Writing and Rhetoric through the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences. I also have had a career as a Learning Adviser through the Learning and Teaching Unit.


2014 Indigenous Education Teaching Award for recognising and understanding Indigenous Australian Culture in STEM professions.

2014 Association for Community Organisations Premier's Awards Youth Category for the development of brochures 'When mum goes to prison' and 'Surviving Home D.' In collaboration with the women of Seeds of Affinity and Adelaide Torrens Zonta

2011 Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement: Best collaboration on improving the experience of students for the Hands Working Together - Creating a dynamic community presence for Marra Dreaming.

2008 Enhanced Learning Award: Mawson International Transitions Team (Leader)

2008 Enhanced Learning Award: First Year Experience Team

2007 Winner Best Paper: First Year in Higher Education Conference

2005 Winner Chancellor's Awards for Community Service: University Orientation Program Team

Links to other sites

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Community Service Learning Project

Violent Lives and Silenced Voices: Criminalised Women Speak

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Indigenous Content in Stem Symposium

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ATN Conference 2008 - Engaging Students in Assessment

The Journal of Learning Design: Volume 5, No. 2, 2012

Seeds of Affinity Pathways for Women

ATN Assessment Conference 2008

Teaching interests

  • Cultural competency and professional practice
  • Community Service Learning at University
  • Communication and cultural studies
  • Business communication
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Academic Language and Learning

I teach the following courses

EDUC 4186Community Service Learning Project 1
EDUC 4187Community Service Learning Project 2


Master of Arts in Journalism (2006)

Executive Diploma in Business Planning (South Australian Enterprise Workshop) (1994)

Graduate Diploma Business Studies (1987)

Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies (1985)

Research interests

  • Culture, diversity and professional practice
  • Teaching and learning in the online environment.
  • Contemporary issues in Australian and global media.
  • Internationalisation and education
  • Engineering and education
  • Journalism education

Research publications

Edited Volumes

Miller, J., Lloyd, M. & Duff, A. (Eds) 2012 'Special Edition: Classrooms without walls/Borderless classrooms', The Journal of Learning Design, Volume 5, No. 2.

Duff, A., Quinn, D., Green, M., Andre, K., Ferris, T. and Copeland, S. (Eds) 2008, Australian technology netwrok assessment conference proceedings, University of South Australlia, November 20-21

Book Chapters

Sitnikova, E. & Duff, A. 2011 'Scaffolding the curriculum to enhance learning, motivation and academic performance of mature aged students in engineering' in Grainger, S. & Kestell, C., Engineering Education: an Australian perspective, Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd. UK.

Duff, A., Aziz, S. M., Fielke, J., Johnston, H., Zucco, J. & Quinn, D. 2011 'Scaffolding the tentative first steps and energising orientation for first year engineering students' in Grainger, S. & Kestell, C., Engineering Education: an Australian perspective, Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd. UK pp 195 - 204.

Journal articles and Conference proceedings/presentations

Duff, A. Osborne, M. & Ward, L. A. 2014 'Building cultural competency in our STEM students: The UniSA Indigenous content story' Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance Creating Connections and Growing Understanding, November 10, 2014

Darzanos, K., Duff, A., Makepeace, J, Nisi, P. & Osborne, M 2013 'Widening the circle - the ICUP story at UniSA continues' Adelaide Computing Education Conventicle, November 4, 2013, University of South Australia

Darzanos, K., Duff, A. & Osborne, M. 2012 'It's all about the people' - building cultural competence in IT graduates Adelaide Computing Education Conventicle, November 26, 2012 Adelaide University

Duff, A., Brodie, T., Furber-Gillick, D., Quinn, D., Smith, E. 2011 'Doing with and not to. Building cultural understanding, enabling communication and promoting the spirit of Reconciliation in first year engineering.' in Proceedings of the 2011 Australian Association for Engineering Education conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, 2011.

Ferris, T., Sitnikova, E. & Duff, A 2010 'Building graduate capabilities to communicate research plans successfully' International journal of engineering education. Vol. 26, No. 4 pp 891-899, 2010

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Duff A, Aziz MS, Fielke, J, Johnston, H, Quinn, D & Zucco, J 2009 'Spaces, places and friendly faces: Energising the Orientation Experience for First Year Engineering Students' in Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference for the Questralian Association for Engineering Education - Energising the Curriculum (pp 569 - 574), Australian Association of Engineering Educators, Adelaide 6 - 9 December, 2009

Duff, A. Carter, C, & Spangenberg, B 2009 'The gangs all here: grammar goes global for Purdue and UniSA' (unrefereed conference paper) Association for academic language and learning 9th Biennial Conference, University of Queensland, 26 - 27 November. (Special mention by keynote, Sally Kift)

Johnston, H, Duff, A & Quinn, D 2009, 'Cutting the cloth to fit new needs and communication preferences'. Erga, Vol 1, No 2, pp. 27 - 38.

Ferris T, Sitnikova, E & Duff, A, 2008 ‘Engaging engineering students in learning how to successfully communicate research plans’ ATN Assessment Conference: Engaging students in asssessment, Adelaide, Nov 20 - 21, 2008.

Duff, A. 2008 'Blogging 20/20 - Who will the communities be and what place will blogs have in Sustaining them', Unrefereed conference presentation, National Universities Telecommunication Conference, Utah, 2008.

Johnston, H, Duff, A & Quinn, D 2008, 'Cutting the cloth to fit new needs and communication preferences' Refereed conference presentation, ERGA Conference, Sept 2088, Adelaide. Forthcoming publication in related journal.

Johnston, H., Duff, A. and Quinn, D. 2007 'Cutting the cloth to fit new needs and communication preferences' Unrefereed conference presentation, The Association for Academic Language and Learning Conference, Melbourne, 2007 http://unisatri-day07.blogspot.com/

Duff, A., Quinn, D., Johnston, H. & Lock, P. 2007 'A clue a quest and a blog', Refereed conference paper for the First Year in Higher Education conference, Brisbane, July 4 - 7 2007 (Best paper)

Quinn, D. Duff, A. & Johnston, H. 2007 'Infusing engagement, enjoyment (joy) and reflection into teaching', Refereed conference paper for HERDSA 2007 - Enhancing Higher Education Theory and Scholarship, Adelaide 8 - 11 July 2007

Duff, A. & Quinn, D. 2006 'Retention in Online Courses: Using a Motivational Framework and Online Peers to Enlighten Potential Learners About Learning Online', Journal of Learning Design, Vol. 1, No. 3, p. 29 - 40 http://www.jld.qut.edu.au/

Duff, A., Harris, M. & Rogers, D 2006 'International Engineering students - avoiding plagiarism through understanding the Western academic context of scholarship', European Journal of Engineering Education, Vol 31, p. 1-9

Duff, A. & Quinn, D. 2005 'Eyes wide open - Using student voice to prepare for the online learning journey' Unrefereed conference paper presented at the Open and distance learning association conference, Adelaide, November, 2005

Duff, A. & Behrend, M 2005 ‘E-learning into the future: the role of learning support staff’ Unrefereed conference paper presented at Higher Education in a Changing World, HERDSA, Sydney University, 2005

Duff, A. 2005 'NESB International journalism students - coping in a language rich program', Proceedings of the 2005 Journalism education association conference, ed S. Stockwell & B Isakhan, Gold Coast, November, 2005, http://live-wirez.gu.edu.au/jea

Duff, A. 2005 'NESB international journalism students - coping in a language rich program', Master of Arts in Journalism thesis, University of South Australia

Expertise for Media Contact

I am able to provide media comment in the following areas of expertise:

Discipline: Higher education / Engineering Education/Public Relations

  • Culture and diversity in education
  • Cross-institutional collaboration
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching in higher education
  • Online education
  • Engineering Education
  • Public Relations
  • International students
  • Media and communication studies

Community Service

Organisation Name:   Seeds of Affinity
Type of Organisation:   Community organisation
Organisation URL:   http://www.seedsofaffinity.org.au/
Level of involvement:   Board member/advocate/volunteer
Year from:   2011
Comments:   Seeds of Affinity is a business enterprise for criminalised women in South Australia. The organisation aims to raise hope and build self-esteem among criminalised women both within and outside of prison.

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