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Associate Professor Tony Spawton 

Position: Adjunct Associate Professor
Division/Portfolio: University of South Australia Business School
School/Unit: School of Marketing
Campus: City West Campus
Email: Anthony_dot_Spawton_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Anthony.Spawton

The discipline of wine marketing has been an unique feature of the Australian Wine Industry since the late 196O's. Tony Spawton is Associate Professor of Wine Marketing and an Adjunct Senior Research Associate a the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science. He was instrumental in developing much of the contemporary wine marketing curriculum whilst at Roseworthy College in the mid 1980's. Tony is a key contributor to programs, seminars, and workshops in wine marketing locally and in most of the wine making regions of the world, as well as a teacher in the Wine MBA program offered by BEM and the Master in Wine Science offered by University Rovira y Virgili in Spain. Tony was for 16 years an economics and marketing expert at The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and was unanimously elected President of the Expert Group "Market Analysis and Networks" 2000- 2006. He was a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the OIV, holding specialist subgroup positions in wine industry development,wine's relationship with the consumer and wine professional education. He was awarded the Merit d'OIV in 2011 for services to the International Wine Industry. He has published over 200 papers and articles on wine marketing research and applications.

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Teaching interests

  • Wine Marketing, a subject that applies the marketing concept to the wine sector.
  • Global Wine Marketing, that compares and contrasts consumer markets and the differing competitor strategies applied by supplier countries to gain market share in these markets.
  • Development and Management of Brands that focuses on the development and maintainance of fast moving goods brands and the development of these into the market based assets of a company.
  • International Marketing Management, that explores the development of trade and commerce between nations.
  • Associate Professor Spawton has presented professional development programs in wine marketing in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Spain, South Africa, and the United States. These include both wine industry and specific " in house " programs for major corporations.
  • Associate Professor Spawton contributes to :- The International Wine MBA offered by the Bordeaux Business School. (BEM. The International Wine MBA offered by the AUIV under the auspicies of the OIV.
  • He has taught in Wine Business Programs at Le Cordon Bleu and at the University of Adelaide.


Bachelor of Science (Geology) (Wales).

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies (Management) (Salford)

Research interests

  • Wine Marketing Strategy
  • Wine consumption and purchase behaviour
  • Wine Trade issues
  • Branding in the Wine Industry
  • Wine Supply Chain in particular wine wholesale and retail and wine tourism.

Research publications

Lockshin, L.,Spawton, A.L., Dodd T (2004) Wine Marketing, Winettiles, Adelaide, Australia

Spawton, Tony (1990) Marketing Planning for Wine, MCB University Press ISBN 0954-7541 MCB University Press, Toller Lane, Bradford West, Yorkshire. UK BD89BY.

Chapters in a book
Spawton, Tony & Lockshin, Larry (2004) "Global Marketing" in Wine: A Global Business, pp 61-82, Elmsford: Miranda Press.

Lockshin, Larry & Spawton, Tony (2004) Edited by Professor Elizabeth Thach & Timothy Matz, Global Wine Business: Success Strategies for New World Wine; Cognizant Communication; USA.

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Refereed Journal Articles
Habel, Cullen, Lockshin, Larry, Rungie, Cam and Spawton, Tony (2003) "The Pareto Effect (80:20 rule) in consumption of beer, wine and spirits: a preliminary discussion", proceedings of the International Colloquium in Wine Marketing 2003, Adelaide.

Spawton, Anthony and Larry Lockshin, (2003), "Consumer Response to Societal Controls Designed to Modify Alcohol Usage and Abuse: Marketing Policy Implications. Bulletin d'OIV September - October No 871-872. p 780. (French and English).

Spawton, Anthony & Walters, D., (2003), Supply Management in the Wine Sector Bulletin d'OIV May-June No 867-868.

Aurfeille, Jacques-Marie, Pascale Quester, Larry Lockshin, and Tony Spawton, (2002), “Global versus International Involvement Based Segmentation: A Cross National Exploratory Study”, International Marketing Review, Vol 19 (4), 369-386.

Lockshin, Larry, Pascale Quester, and Tony Spawton, (2001). “Segmentation by Involvement or Nationality for Global Retailing: A Cross National Comparative Study of Wine Shopping Behaviours”, Journal of Wine Research, 12 (3), 223-236.

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Lockshin , Lawrence., Anthony L. Spawton, Macintosh, Gerrard, (1997) Using Product, Brand and Purchasing Involvement for Retail Segmentation, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol 4 no3 July 1997 p 171- 183

Spawton, A.L. (1991) "Grapes and Wine Seminar: Prospering in the 1990s - Changing Your View of the Consumer", International Journal of Wine Marketing Vol.3 No.1, reprinted in International Marketing Review Vol.8 No.1

Spawton, A.L., Edwards, F. (1990) "Pricing in the Australian Wine Industry", International Journal of Wine Marketing Vol.2 No.1, reprinted in the European Journal of Marketing Vol.24 No.4.

Spawton, A.L. (1990) "Development in the Global Alcoholic Drinks Industry and its Implications for the Future Marketing of Wine", International Journal of Wine Marketing Vol.2 No.1, reprinted in the European Journal of Marketing Vol.24 No.4.

Spawton, A.L. (1989) "Marketing Planning and Communications for Small Winemakers", International Journal of Wine Marketing, Vol.1 No1.

Research Seminar/ Conference Presentations
Refereed papers

Spawton, Anthony, 2002, Are age and gender key factors in the more responsible consumption of alcohol, XXVIIeme World Congress of Wine and Vine, (French translation forthcoming in the Bulletin OIV)Bratislava 2002

Spawton, Anthony, 2002, The Wine Industry Value Chain, XXVIIeme World Congress of Vine and Wine, Bratislava, June

Spawton, Anthony and Larry Lockshin, (2002), “Consumer Response to Societal Controls Designed to Modify Alcohol Usage and Abuse: Marketing Policy Implications”, Bacchus International Wine Conference, Edited by Prof Carman Cullen, Niagara, Ontario, (May), (french translation forthcoming in the Bulletin OIV)

Hoffman, Darina & Spawton, Tony (2001) Generation X: evolution of alcohol consumption behaviour and alcohol beverage preferences. 26th World Congress & 81st General Assembly of the Office International De La Vigne Et Du Vin. Meeting the Consumer Challenge, 11-17 October 2001, Adelaide, South Australia.

Wilson, Damien, Spawton, Tony, Juniper, James, (2001) Patternes of wine consumption - what is the relationship between the consumption habits of 18-24 year old consumers and other age segments. XXVIeme World Congress of Vine and Wine, Adelaide,October.

Spawton, Tony (2000) Preliminary analysis of drinking in moderation as a preventative health mechanism. XXVeme Congres Mondial de La Vigne et du Vin, Paris, Sector IV Wine and Health, p 233. Paris: Office International de la Vigne et du Vin.

Spawton, Tony (2000) A taxonomy of wine comsumer research in Australia 1990-2000 XXIVeme Congress of Wine and Vine, Paris , June.

Spawton, Tony (1999) Overview of the Australian wine industry: future challenges for the Australian wine industry, La Vite E Tl Vino, Rome, 12-13 December 1999, pp263-290. Rome : ARSIAL, 1999.

Spawton, A.L. and Lockshin, L. "Using Involvement Profiles to Determine Wine Retail Strategy". Association for Consumer Research, 3rd Asia Pacific Conference, Hong Kong, June 18-20 1998.

Spawton, A.L. (1998) "Charting the path for future discovery by applying the tools of Strategic Market Planning based on the management of market based assets for a globalised wine industry driven by the expansion of the world trade in wine". XX111eme World Congress of Vine and Wine, Portugal 21 June -3 July P III108-116

Spawton, A.L., and Lockshin, L. (1998) "Using product and purchase involvement to bridge the cross cultural divide and form the basis for market segmentation in the wine industry by comparing the behaviours of consumers both in Australia and France". XX111 World Congress of Vine and Wine, Portugal 21 June -3 July III174-189

Spawton A.L. (1997) "Globalisation and its implications to strategy development as the key to future success". XX11eme World Congress of Vine and Wine, Argentina 1-5 December

Moulton, K. and Spawton, A.L.,(1996) "The challenge of maintaining competitiveness in a regulated economy". The Fourth International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture and Oenology, American Society of Oenology and Viticulture Rochester, New York, July

Lockshin, Lawrence S., Spawton, A. L. and Macintosh, Gerrard. (1997), "A cross-cultural Comparison of Retail Segmentation Using Product and Purchasing Involvement," Fourth Recent Advances in Retailing and Services Science Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, July

Macintosh, Gerrard., Lockshin, Lawrence., Spawton,  A. L., (1996) "The effects of Salesperson/Customer Relationships in Wine Retailing", AMA Winter Marketing Educators Conference, American Marketing Association, (Prize winning paper) February

Lockshin Lawrence & Spawton,  A. L.,(1995) "The role of the product and situational involvement in segmenting retail customers for Individualised Data Base Marketing". Conference 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Service Science, Surfers Paradise.

Forbes, James and Spawton, A. L., (1995)  "Risk Management in the Australian Wine Industry".  The International Conference on Australia and New Zealand Business Studies , Bentley College Waltham , Massachusetts,

Spawton, A. L., (1995) "Issues and solutions in the Australian Wine Industry". Vinandino, Mendoza, Argentina ( presented by Peter Hayes) Keynote paper November

Spawton, A. L.,(1990) "The Globalisation of the Wine Industry and the Implications for Marketing Decision Making". Symposium on the Wine and Vine Economy, Kesechmet, Hungary, June;

Refereed Poster
Spawton A.L. ( 1998 ) "Brand development in the Wine Industry", Poster at Australian Wine Technical Conference 2-7August Sydney

Spawton, Tony, Juniper, James, ( 2001) Regional Compencies and Global Trends in Firm Concentration within the Wine Industry, XXVIth World Wine Congress, Adelaide, PP262-271

Expertise for Media Contact

I am able to provide media comment in the following areas of expertise:


Community Service

Organisation Name:   Inaugaral Editor of the International Journal of Wine Marketing
Level of involvement:   Editor
Year from:   1990
Year to:   1994

Organisation Name:   International Office of Vine and Wine(OIV)
Section:   Economics Commission
Type of Organisation:   Government Board or committee
Level of involvement:    Expert &President Market Analysis and Networks
Year from:   1990
Year to:   2002

Organisation Name:   Australia New Zealand Wine Industry Journal
Section:   Editorial Board
Level of involvement:   Assistant Editor - Marketing
Year from:   1998
Year to:   2004

Organisation Name:   Adelaide Hockey Club
Level of involvement:   President
Year from:   1990
Year to:   1995

Organisation Name:   South Australian Junior Rugby Union
Type of Organisation:   Community organisation
Level of involvement:   Vice President
Year from:   1990
Year to:   1995
Comments:   Organised the Under 16 Wallaby test in Adelaide Liason Officer for the New Zealand Pugby Union Coach at the Old Collegians Rugby Club

Organisation Name:   Family Planning Association
Type of Organisation:   Community organisation
Level of involvement:   Board member
Year from:   1990
Year to:   1992

Research Degree Supervisor

consumer behaviour, brand and product strategy, interantional marketing

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