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Associate Professor Janet Bryan 

Position: Volunteer Associate Professor Janet Bryan
Division/Portfolio: Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
School/Unit: School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
Campus: Magill Campus
Email: janet_dot_bryan_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/janet.bryan

Janet Bryan is the Associate Head of School: Teaching and Learning for the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy. She is also a member of the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre. Her research interests include the cognitive assessment of adults, in particular the development of the executive functions across the life-span, and the impact of nutrition on cognitive functioning and mental health.

Teaching interests

  • Research methods
  • Psychological assessment
  • Research supervision

I teach the following courses

BEHL 4053Psychology Under the Microscope
BEHL 4063Conducting and Communicating Research

Professional associations

Member of Australian Psychological Society

Fellow of Australian Association of Gerontology

Member of the Nutrition Society of Australia


BA(Hons First Class), Flinders University

PhD, Flinders University

Research interests

  • Cognitive change across the life-span
  • The development of the executive functions during emerging adulthood and older adulthood
  • Nutrition, life-style, cognition and psychological well-being

Research publications


Best, T., Kemps, E., & Bryan, J. (2010). Saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults A randomised controlled trial. Developmental Neuropsychology, 35, 66-80. [ERA ranking A]

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Knight, A., Bryan, J., & Murphy, K. (accepted 16/10/2015). Is the Mediterranean diet a feasible approach to preserving cognitive function and reducing risk of dementia for older adults in Western countries? New insights and future Q1 directions. Ageing Research Reviews.

Research Degree Supervisor

I am interested in supervising PhD projects in the following areas:
The validity of the measurement of the executive functions.
Cognitive development and the development of the executive functions across the life-span.
The association between dietary components, dietary intake and cognitive performance.
Teaching and learning in psychology

Current Projects:

Australianising a Mediterranean diet and investigating its effects on cardiovascular function
 Principal supervisor: Karen Murphy
Co-supervisor: Janet Bryan
Student: Courtney Davis
This project involves the Australianisation of the traditional Mediterranean diet, determining its compliance and examining effects on cardiovascular function.
Health literacy and eating and health behaviour
 PhD Candidate: Alice Granger, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
Principal supervisor: Janet Bryan
Co-supervisor: Dr Manny Noakes, CSIRO Human Nutrition
The effects of a Mediterranean diet on cognitive performance in older adults
 Principal supervisor: Janet Bryan
Co-supervisor: Karen Murphy
Student: Alissa Knight
This project aims to dtermine the effectiveness of an Australianised Mediterranean diet on the cognitive performance of older adults, as well as the mechanisms for any effects.
The effects of the use of metaphor in creativity
 Principal supervisor: Siobhan Banks
Co-supervisor: Janet Bryan
Co-supervisor: Lauren Holloway
This project develops a new model of creativity using metaphor and examines its efficacy.

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