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Professor Bernard Guerin 

Position: Professor Professor Bernard Guerin
Division/Portfolio: Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
School/Unit: School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
Campus: Magill Campus
Office: C1-12
Telephone: +61 8 830 24435
Fax: +61 8 830 24729
Email: Bernard_dot_Guerin_at_unisa_dot_edu_dot_au
URL for Business Card: http://people.unisa.edu.au/Bernard.Guerin
(Bernard Guerin is currently on leave - last day on leave is Friday, 1 July 2016)

Teaching interests

  • My main interest is in producing an interdisciplinary curriculum for teaching about social behaviour in its context. This includes the prominent role of language in our social strategies, and the diverse forms of relationships from strangers to close communities.
  • I also promote a nexus of community research, teaching and thinking. This is not just what is found in community psychology but inclusive of the other social sciences.
  • I also teach about interventions and how they function in social context by integrating interdisciplinary approaches.

I teach the following courses

BEHL 2006Social and Community Psychology
BEHL 4054Introduction to Psychological Intervention
BEHL 1004Psychology 1B
BEHL 1023Community Foundations
(This course is not currently being taught)


B.A. 1978 University of Adelaide

B.A. (Hons) in Psychology 1979 University of Adelaide

Ph.D. in Psychology 1985 University of Adelaide

Research interests

  • Community research, practice and intervention, especially working alongside indigenous, refugee and migrant communities. How communities function and what we need to do to understand this
  • Discrimination and prejudice in their social context and interventions to reduce their use in everyday life
  • Adding the social context when studying the everyday strategies of social life
  • The role of language in "doing" our social strategies, including the role of stories, rumours, jokes, etc.
  • Music in its social context

Research publications

INTERDISCIPLINARY BOOKS: ** Guerin, B. (2004). Handbook for analyzing the social strategies of everyday life. Reno, Nevada: Context Press. ** Guerin, B. (2005). Handbook of interventions for changing people and communities. Reno, Nevada: Context Press.

RE-THINKING SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR AND LANGUAGE USE: ** Guerin, B. (2001). Individuals as social relationships: 18 ways that acting alone can be thought of as social behavior. Review of General Psychology, 5, 406-428. ** Guerin, B. (2003). Language use as social strategy: A review and an analytic framework for the social sciences. Review of General Psychology, 7, 251-298. ** Guerin, B., & Miyazaki, Y. (2006). Analyzing rumors, gossip, and urban legends through their conversational properties. The Psychological Record, 56, 23-34. ** Guerin, B. (2001). Replacing catharsis and uncertainty reduction theories with descriptions of the historical and social context. Review of General Psychology, 5, 44-61.

TALKING ABOUT COMMUNITIES: ** Guerin, B., & Guerin, P. (2007). 17 Ways that ‘community talk’ misguides research. In R. DeSouza & A. Williams (Eds), Working with Diverse Communities. Auckland: Wairua Consulting. ** Guerin, B., & Guerin, P. (2007). Lessons learned from participatory discrimination research: Long-term observations and local interventions. The Australian Community Psychologist, 19, 137-149. ** Guerin, P., & Guerin, B. (2007). Research with refugee communities: Going around in circles with methodology. The Australian Community Psychologist, 19, 150-162.

REFUGEE COMMUNITIES: ** Ryan, J., Guerin, B., & Guerin, P. B., Elmi, F. H. (2006). Going ‘Walli’ and having ‘Jinni’: Considerations in the evaluation and treatment of Somali refugees. Selected as a “Recommended Reading” in The Mental Health Services Conference 2005 Book of Proceedings: Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum, Adelaide, September 2005. ** Guerin, B., Guerin, P. B., Diiriye, R. O., & Yates, S. (2004). Somali conceptions and expectations of mental health: Some guidelines for mental health professionals. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 33, 59-67. ** Guerin, P. B., Guerin, B., Diiriye, R. O., & Abdi, A. (2005). What skills do Somali refugees bring with them? New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 30, 37-49. ** Guerin, P. B., Elmi, F. H., & Guerin, B. (2006). Weddings and parties: Cultural healing in one community of Somali women. The Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health,

DISCRIMINATION: ** Guerin, B. (2003). Combating prejudice and racism: New interventions from a functional analysis of racist language. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 13, 29-45. ** Guerin, B. (2005). Combating everyday racial discrimination without assuming racists or racism: New intervention ideas from a contextual analysis. Behavior and Social Issues, 14, 46-69. ** Guerin, B., & Guerin, P. (2007). Lessons learned from participatory discrimination research: Long-term observations and local interventions. The Australian Community Psychologist, 19, 137-149.

INDIGENOUS AND MIGRANT COMMUNITIES: ** Nikora, L. W., Guerin, B., Rua, M. & Te Awekotuku, N. (2004). Moving away from home: Some social consequences for Tühoe migrating to the Waikato. New Zealand Population Review, 30, 95-112. ** Analyzing social contexts through time: The example of colonialism and oppression. Chapter 6 of Guerin (2004). ** Wood, E., & Guerin, B. (2006). Strategies for combining traditional and western marriage patterns: The experiences of some Indian female immigrants. New Zealand Population Review, 32

LANGUAGE USE: Guerin, B. (2005). Sampling community discourses as a method for assessing “public opinion” AND Two ‘linguistic devices’ that require social context: Integrating social and linguistic analyses. Both in J. Holmes, M. Maclagan, P. Kerswill and M. Paviour-Smith (Eds.), Researching language use and language users (pp. 129-138). ISBN 0-473-10654-X http://www.vuw.ac.nz/lals/about/NZLS/e-book/content%20final.htm

OTHER INTERDISCIPLINARY SOCIAL ANALYSES: ** Guerin, B. (2003). Putting a radical socialness into consumer behaviour analysis. Journal of Economic Psychology, 24, 697-718. **Guerin, B. (1998). Religious behaviors as strategies for organizing groups of people: A social contingency theory. The Behavior Analyst, 21, 53-72.

RISK AND SAFETY: **Nikora, L. W., & Guerin, B. (2006). Children's injuries as related to family organization and safety rules. In Prep. **Wood, E., & Guerin, B. (2006). Adolescent females' talk about sun exposure and sun behavior: A discursive analysis of the attitude-behavior gap. In Prep. **Horváth-Hallett, E. I., & Guerin, B. (2006). Health and safety problems as seen by women caregivers of persons with intellectual disabilities. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 35, 21-27. **Handmer, J., Dutton, B., Guerin, B., & Smithson, M. (Eds.). (1991). New perspectives on uncertainty and risk. Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University: Canberra.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETLY DIFFERENT: **Guerin, B. (1986). Celaenia atkinsoni (Arachnida, Araneae): New record for South Australia with a description of the male. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, 110, 181-182. **Guerin, B. (1986). New records of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) from South Australia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, 110, 177-179.

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