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Arnis Silvia is a Ph.D in Language and Linguistics at University of South Australia in Adelaide, SA. She is also a lecturer at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta teaching English at the Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Science. Her research interests include: material development, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and teacher identity. Arnis is currently a researcher at the RCLC (Research Center for Language and Culture) in Adelaide. Her publication can be accessed at:


The experience of novice English language teachers in specific discipline departments in Islamic universities in Indonesia

For novice English language teachers, early years of their career is very challenging, because what they find ‘ideal’ in their pre-service education is somewhat different to the realities of the classroom (Flores, 2001; Freeman, 1996; K. Johnson, 1996). There is a gap that cannot be bridged by novice teachers between materials they received in teacher preparation programs and the real conditions in the classroom as Tarone and Allwright (2005) noted. In the context of Indonesian higher education, English teachers are generally trained as General English (GE) teachers. However, when these teachers begin teaching in the specific-discipline departments (e.g. economics, law, psychology, and medical sciences), they are subsequently required to teach English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in which they are not trained for. This situation creates some challenges for these teachers that can be characterized as academic, social and identity-related in nature (Belcher, 2004; Pennington & Richards, 2016). This paper investigates these challenges from the point of view of six English teachers in two Indonesian universities.

Research publications

Widodo, H. P., & Silvia, A. (2016). Visual and verbal scaffolds in the EYL writing classroom. English Teacher Professionals 104, May 2016.

Silvia, A. (2015). A Coursera online course as a platform for English teachers to engage in meaningful and vibrant professional development. TEFLIN Journal Volume 26, Number 2, July 2015, pp. 228-246.

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Silvia, A. (2013). Whole Brain Teaching technique to Cope with Very Active Young Learners, LIA Classroom Action Research Journal Vol 6 No. 1 2013, pp.180 – 195, ISSN. 2087-9504

Silvia, A. (2013). A Closer Look at Character Education in Indonesia: What Every Educator Should Know, Proceedings of International Seminar on Cultural Values as a Basis for Character Education pp.9 -20, ISBN 978-602 1206-7-2


University of South Australia

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (State Islamic University of Jakarta)

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