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Godagama Vidana Arachchilage Perera

School of Engineering


About me

I am a PhD student at University of South Australia, Adelaide. I am working with Prof. Javaan Chahl and Dr. Yee Wei Law. My research interests include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Human Action Recognition, Drones and Robotics. I have a masters in Industrial Automation and a bachelors in Electrical and Electronics.

This year we are delivering a brend-new Mechatronics course at UniSA (SP2, 2019) (Autonomous Mechatronc Systems (EEET 4070) and Mechatronic System Design 2 (EEET 4075)). I am honoured to be a part of course development and lecturing team. Mechatronics students get hands on experience on mobile robotics, localization, path planning, obstacle avoidance, computer vision, machine learning, object detection using pre-trained models, simulation and student projects using model-based design.

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