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Gregory Macdonald


About me

I developed an interest in interfaith dialogue during trips to the Middle East, including volunteering in a Palestinian refugee camp, where I saw first-hand the results of systemic failure to dialogue with the other and develop policies and strategies to promote inclusivity. I wondered to what extent Australias multicultural policy and strategies can protect us from possible future conflict by shifting us beyond mere tolerance. My interest became focussed around the relationship between the Muslim and Christian communities, given incidents like the Cronulla riots, church and mosque vandalism and rising xenophobia.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Theology (minor in Philosophy) from Flinders University and I aimed to study the intersection of theology and philosophy relevant to interfaith dialogue however was unable to find a program.  

Surprised by the lack of support for interfaith or Islamic studies in mainstream Australian universities, I undertook a Masters in Islamic Studies through ISRA (The Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation) at CSU which me a grounding in Islamic theology and philosophy.