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Dr Hayder's educational and professional background is in languages education, specifically English and Arabic. His research interests include Systemic Functional Linguistics theory, functional grammar, register, genre, multimodality and critical discourse analysis. He worked as a teacher of English/Arabic as a Second or Foreign Language for the first 5 years of his professional career to adult learners at tertiary institutions and high school both in the Republic of Iraq and in Australia. While teaching ESL/AFL, He became proficient in the application of computers to support language learning and has been involved in research and teaching in the field.

After being completing his PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Adelaide, Hayder starts his second PhD in Sociology at the University of South Australia. Hayder's aim to advance knowledge relevant to finding out the hidden reasons behind the Shiite-Sunni Muslims conflict in the Middle East and how this conflict might potentially "negatively" affect the peaceful coexisting of these two sects in Australia, and in return the impact on their coexisting with non-Muslim communities in the contemporary Australian context. Which also, possibly leads to a division in the Australian context.


PhD candidate in Education (Sociology) The University of South Australia

PhD in Linguistics the University of Adelaide

Master of Philosophy (Linguistics) the University of Adelaide

Master of Education (TESOL Specialization), the University of South Australia

Diploma of Interpreting (Arabic to English, English to Arabic), TAFE SA, Australia

Bachelor of Education/Arts in English, Thi-Qar Faculty of Education, University of Basra

Diploma of Education (Primary Education), Annasiryah Institute for Teachers Preparation, Iraq



                                                          ESL volunteer teacher at TAFE SA

Teaching English as a second language for new arrivals refugees

  Courses Taught:

•             English language proficiency (spoken and written English). 

   Beginner and Intermediate Level  


                                      Tutor/lecturer at School of Education, University of Adelaide  

Courses Taught: Postgraduate Level 

•             EDUC 7001 – Educational Inquiry

•             EDUC 7055 - Research Communication

Hayder had also lectured and tutored the learning styles course for the Bachelor of Teaching (undergraduate) and Graduate Diploma in Education (postgraduate) academic programs in the School of Education, University of Adelaide. Besides these, marking and assessing students' assignments. He had also served as a lecturer and tutor conducting seminars and workshops for international postgraduate research students in the ‘Integrated Bridging Programme- Research’ hosted by the ‘Researcher Education and Development’ (RED) Unit, University of Adelaide. 


                              A research assistant at School of Education, The University of Adelaide

In addition to lecturing in postgraduate courses, Hayder was working as a senior research assistant in two research projects. 


                                                      Freelance Interpreter/Translator 

As a NAATI accredited interpreter, Hayder has been doing many interpretations and translations work (English/Arabic or vice versa) for several private and government agencies e.g. the Australian Defence Force, Department of Human Services (DHS).


Dr Hayder eveloped syllabi and materials for the following courses:

My Language (áÛÊí ) for Pre-beginner level, Arabic language students at non-profit ethnic school, 'Arabic Language School in South Australia'.

My Language (áÛÊí ) for intermediate level students.

Learning English is not impossible' is a syllabus that he has designed to teach Iraqi (English) illiterate adult students in Iraq.

Teaching Interests

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

English for Academic Purposes

Academic Language and Learning

Research Interests

Language Teaching and Learning

Systemic Functional Linguistics



Multimodality and Critical Discourse Analysis

Arabic language and Linguistics


The Middle Eastern Sunni-Shi’ite Muslims conflict and its impact on Australian Muslim and non-Muslim communities in the contemporary Australian context.

Although Islam is usually considered as one religion, it is a non-homogeneous ideologically
and culturally - at least in terms of Islamic communities as consisting of two major groups:
Shiites and Sunnis (Minority Rights Group International 2009). It has been suggested by the
literature that there is a continuous conflict between these two groups (Carpenter 2014;
Dungersi 1995,1996a, 1996b; Hiro 2013). Most recently, in 2014, sectarian conflict in the
Western and Northern regions initiated by foreign fighters from an organization called the
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) has occurred. This Al Qaeda-aligned
group has played upon existing sectarian divisions and dissatisfaction among the Sunni
minority in these regions (Smith, Brook-Holland and Page 2014).

Research publications

Edited books:

Al Hmadnay, H. (2018). Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on the Enhancement of Archaeological Heritage in Iraq.

Al Hamdany, H., Picard, M. (in press) Mosaic identity: Iraqi language and education core values.

Al Hamdany, H., Picard, M. (2015) Narratives of Iraqi adult learners: experiences of spoken register in English for Academic Purposes Programs at an Australian University. the Journal of Adult and Continuing Education-Manchester University Press

Al Hamdany, H., Picard, M., Maadad, M., & Darmawan, I. (2013) Spoken Register and Iraqi Students in an English for Academic Purposes Program. International Journal of Literacies, Volume 19, 2013, ISSN: 2325-0136

Al Hamdany, H. (2012) the usefulness of Systemic Functional Grammar and its impact on students¡¦ communicative skills in ESL context. European Scientific Journal, May edition vol. 8, No.11 ISSN: 1857 ¡V 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431

Al Hamdany, H. (2012) In-depth debate into Language and Culture. European Scientific Journal, August edition vol. 8, No.18 ISSN: 1857 ¡V 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431

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Al Hamdany, H. (2018). Strategies for Vocabulary Learning among Iraqi EFL Students. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research 5 (5), 221-233

Al Hamdany, H. (2018). Plurilingiusm in EFL Students in Iraq: American University. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research 5 (5), 138-152

Al Hamadny, H. (2018). The Criticism of the EFL textbook Taught at Iraqi Public secondary school. Al-Adab Journal 1 (126), 31-42

Al Hamdany, H. (2018). Iraqi EFL Students’ Problems in Secondary Schools. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research 5 (4), 176-182

Al Hamdany, H. (2018). A Proposed Design and Rationale of Task-Based Activity as a Learning Assessment. Al-Adab Journal 1 (125), 15-24

Al Hamdany, H. (2018). Interaction and language learning. Al-Adab Journal 2 (126), 20-30

Al Hamdany, H. (2018). The role of an interactive classroom in language learning. Al-Adab Journal 2 (126), 41-50

Conference presentations:

Al Hamdany, H. (2015). Modelling Performance language: A Pre-enrolment English Program Handbook. . Paper presented at the 22nd International Conference on Learning and the Learner knowledge community, San Pablo CEU University, Madrid, Spain 9-11 July 2015.

Al Hamdany, H. & Picard, M. (2013). Spoken academic register: determining an appropriate English for academic purposes curriculum for postgraduate Iraqi students. Paper presented at the 2013 International Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), at the Hilton Adelaide from 1-5 December 2013.

Al Hamdany, H. (2012). Exploration of Perceptions and Applications of Spoken Tenor at a South Australian University. Paper presented at The 19th International conference on learning, University of London, UK 14-16 August 2012

Al Hamdany, H. & Picard, M. (2012). Pre-enrolment/ Bridging Curricula: Progressive development of spoken register. Paper presented at The 7th ERGA CONFERENCE, 19-21 September 2012, The University of Adelaide]

Al Hamdany, H., Picard, M. & Maadad, N. (2011). Exploration of perceptions and applications of spoken register at a South Australian university in relation to Iraqi students. Paper presented/Published at the Multiculturalism: Perspectives from Australia, Canada and China, The University of Sydney, Australia, 21-22 November 2011

10th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference (QPR) 17-19 April 2012 Stamford Grand Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (a discussant).


Member of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

Member of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)