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Jamie Manolev

School of Education

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About me

I am currently undertaking a PhD with the University of South Australia, School of Education under the supervision of Associate Professor Anna Sullivan and Professor Roger Slee.

I am a registered primary school teacher in South Australia and work as a Research Assistant on an ARC linkage project titled the Refugee Student Resilience Study with Professor Bruce Johnson, Associate Professor Anna Sullivan, Professor Roger Slee and Dr Melanie Baak.

My research interests include critical theory, school surveillance cultures, the role of data in education and critical policy analysis.

I am a member of the Australian Association for Research in Education


Investigating the implementation of ClassDojo to manage behaviour, and its popularisation among teachers

ClassDojo is one of the most popular and successful educational technologies used internationally in classrooms, boasting more than three million teachers and 35 million students as users. A downloadable software application for mobile devices and PCs ClassDojo resembles a school based social media platform that incorporates a prominent gamified behaviour shaping function. Research on ClassDojo is scant; however, emerging concerns associated with its influence on education are arising from stakeholders such as education researchers, education experts, school leaders, teachers and parents. Subsequently, understandings associated with the educational implications linked to ClassDojo's implementation remain extremely limited.

This research critically examines how the application of ClassDojo is occurring in classrooms, and why teachers have reportedly taken to it so enthusiastically, particularly considering that contemporary classroom management research advocates teachers sharing control with students in order to develop student responsibility and self-regulation. The aim of the research is to investigate how and why teachers are using ClassDojo with primary school aged students; to identify the implications associated with its use; and understand how it has become one of the most popular electronic classroom management support products among teachers. The investigation will be a critical qualitative inquiry, using a case study approach. It will aim to investigate the electronic classroom management software ClassDojo within a primary school context. The research will be conducted within a critical paradigm, influencing the approach toward this investigation and the way knowledge is constructed. Consequently, understanding social reality within this study will involve considering the political and ideological contexts that contribute to its manifestation. This is in addition to the traditional concerns associated with research conducted within a critical paradigm. Of which particular interest gravitates toward issues of injustice and subjugation, and the interaction between power, justice, discourses, education, social institutions and cultural dynamics in the formation of social systems.

Research publications

Manolev, J, Sullivan, A & Slee, R 2018, The datafication of discipline: ClassDojo, surveillance and a performative classroom culture, Learning, Media and Technology, doi: 10.1080/17439884.2018.1558237

AARE 2018, presentation, The datafication of discipline: ClassDojo, surveillance and a performative classroom culture

The Inclusive Education Summit 2018, presentation, ClassDojo's Datafication of discipline: Surveillance, performativity and the data based management of students


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