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Junaiz Rehmen

School of Engineering

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About me

Junaiz Rehmen has completed a bachelor degree (Honours) in Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering from Unisa and a Diploma in Tool and Die Making from NTTF (India). 

Junaiz has worked as a Test Support Officer at Toro where he was involved in testing and research and development activities of gardening equipment. Prior to that, he has worked as a Quality Engineer (Trainee) at GM Holden. He was involved in the launch of VF and WN Holden Commodore. 

Prior to engineering study at Unisa, Junaiz has worked as a Tool Maker at Metalform Asia (Singapore) where he gained extensive experience in handling tool room machines and equipment. 


Junaiz Rehmen's PhD is focused on micro-process engineering of conducting material (conducting polymer) for electrochemical and sensing applications. Conducting polymers are special class of material which exhibits the properties of polymers (flexible, transparent) and metals (electrically conductive). However, studies related to conducting polymers has been mainly focused on understanding the fundamental properties of the polymer especially on flat substrates. But, in reality, many of the devices have complex shapes which demands the need for fabricating these material on to complex shapes. Junaiz's project aims to meet this demand by process engineering of conducting polymers onto complex substrates for applications in batteries, capacitors and sensors.

Research publications

Influence of Postsynthesis Heat Treatment on Vapor-Phase-Polymerized Conductive Polymers. (

Poly(ionic liquid) iongels for all-solid rechargeable zinc/PEDOT batteries. (


Golden Key International Honour Society

The Australian Nanotechnology Network