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Lily Reid

Sch Natural & Built Environments


About me

My research focuses on the Ediacara biota, with a particular emphasis on South Australian material.

My research interests include: the Ediacaran Period; Ediacara biota; palaeoecology; facies analysis; geochronology; palaeobiogeography; early animal evolution.

Scholarships and awards

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (2016-18)

South Australian Museum Early Career Researcher Postgraduate Scholarship (2016-18)

University of South Australia

Summer Research Scholarship (2015)

University of Adelaide

NRM Research and Innovation Network Prize for First Place in Environmental Biology (2015)

Faculty of Sciences Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (2014)

Summer Research Scholarship (2014)

Faculty of Sciences Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (2012)


The Ediacara biota of South Australia: Assemblage distributions through space and time

Research publications

Lily M. Reid, James D. Holmes, Justin L. Payne, Diego C. Garcia-Bellido, James B. Jago and James G. Gehling (in press). Taxa, turnover and taphofacies: a preliminary analysis of facies-assemblage relationships in the Ediacara Member (Flinders Ranges, South Australia). Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Lily M. Reid, Diego C. Garcia-Bellido and James G. Gehling, 2018. An Ediacaran opportunist? Characteristics of a juvenile population of Dickinsonia costata from Crisp Gorge, South Australia. Journal of Palaeontology 92, 313-322

Lily M. Reid, Diego C. Garcia-Bellido, Justin L. Payne, Bruce Runnergar and James G. Gehling, 2017. Possible evidence of primary succession in a juvenile-dominated Ediacara fossil surface from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 476, 68-76


Member of the Geological Society of Australia

Member of the Australasian Palaeontologists

Online resources An excellent resource for more information on the Ediacara biota