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Mohammed Iqbal Madakkatel


About me

Iqbal Madakkatel has an advanced diploma and a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's degree in information technology. He has more than fifteen years of professional experience in service industries with various industry certifications.  He is currently a first year PhD student in the Computational Learning Systems (CLS) lab in the school of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences (ITMS), developing machine learning algorithms.  His current research focuses on deep neural networks for time-series data and gradient boosting for heterogeneous data.

Research publications

Madakkatel, M. I., Rahwan, I., Bonnefon, J. F., Awan, R. N., & Abdallah, S. (2009, October). Formal Argumentation and Human Reasoning: The Case of Reinstatement. In AAAI Fall Symposium: The Uses of Computational Argumentation.

Rahwan, I., Madakkatel, M. I., Bonnefon, J. F., Awan, R. N., & Abdallah, S. (2010). Behavioral experiments for assessing the abstract argumentation semantics of reinstatement. Cognitive Science34(8), 1483-1502.

Rahwan, I., Bonnefon, J. F., Iqbal Madakkatel, M., Awan, R. N., & Abdallah, S. (2010, January). Experiments for assessing floating reinstatement in argument-based reasoning. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (Vol. 32, No. 32).