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Mostafa Razzaghmanesh

Doctor of Philosophy

Information Technology Engineering and the Environment Divisional Office

Sch Natural & Built Environments

Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment

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About me

Research Grants

S. Beecham, M. Razzaghmanesh. Developing resilient green walls for Adelaide, SA Water Corporation Strategic Grant (2014-2015)


Climate Adaptation 2013 Conference student travel grant- National Climate Change Adaptation Facility (NCCARF)-February 2013

Best Poster of the Information, Technology, Engineering and Environments (ITEE) Research Day of 2012- (Oct 2012)

University of South Australia President Scholarship (UPS)- (May 2010)

School of Natural and Built Environments Scholarship- (May 2010)

Goyder (CSIRO) Institute for Water Research Top-Up Scholarship- (Dec 2011)

University of South Australia Postgraduate Research Award- (Feb-2013)

My Academic background:

Master of Science - Irrigation and Drainage Engineering- Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran, [2001-2004]- 3 years

Ms.c Thesis:

Numerical Modeling of River Pollution Using WASP6 and GIS

Bachelor of Science - Water Engineering- Shiraz University, [1997-2001]- 4 years

Here are some of the project that I was involved in from year 2001-2011

Apr 2010-Sep 2011 Hydroplan Consulting Engineers-Adelaide office-SA
Hydraulic Modeller

1- Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Modernization Project- NSW

2- Murrumbidge Irrigation Modernization project- Hanwood stage II- Griffith-NSW

3- Groote Island Pipe line Refurbishment-NT

4- Willunga Basin Pipeline extension Project-SA

5- Atbara, Abuhamad, Areet and northern DAL Center pivot Irrigation Design (Master plan) -Sudan-NE Africa

Jan 2002-Nov 2009 Yekom Consulting Engineers

Project consultant and Project Manager 

6- Studies and Investigation of sources and water consumption in order to solve water scarcity problem of Azarshahr basin, East Azerbaijan Province-(Area: 18000 Hec)

7- Using of treated effluent of Tabriz city sewage plant in Agriculture. East Azerbaijan Province (Area: 5500 Hec)

8- Semi detail studies of East Azarbaijan Province Groundwater in GIS. (About 21 basins of east Azerbaijan province)

9- Shabankareh Plain main and sub main irrigation and drainage network

10- Sarve Chaman and Sarchahan Cooperatives irrigation and drainage network, Fars province

11- Khesht and Jareh Plains irrigation and drainage network, Fars Province 

12- Dalaki Plain irrigation and drainage network, Bushehr Province 

13- Tabriz Plain irrigation and drainage sub-network 

14- Senior Expert, involved in phase I, studies of Shahid Sardari and Azarshahr Irrigation and Drainage network 

15- Project manager in water using management in farm of Tabriz Plain irrigation &Drainage network 

Jan 2001-Jan 2002 Mahar Ab Omran Gostar Consulting Engineers Co. 

As a Project Engineer
16- Changuleh Plain irrigation and drainage network, Ilam Province 

17- Alshtar Plain irrigation and drainage network, Lorestan Province 

18- Bandar Torkman irrigation and drainage network, Gorgan Province. 


Developing Resilient Green Roofs for Adelaide

Principal  Supervisor: Professor Simon Beecham

Research publications

2012- Onwards

Journal papers:

1- Razzaghmanesh, M., Beecham, S. and Brien, C. J. (2014), Developing Resilient Green Roofs in a Dry Climate, Science of the Total Environment, Elsevier, 590 - pp 579-589.

2- Razzaghmanesh, M., Beecham, S. &  Kazemi, F. (2014). Impact of green roofs on stormwater quality in a South Australian urban environment. Science of the Total Environment, 470-471, 651-659.

 3- Razzaghmanesh, M., Beecham, S. & Kazemi, F. (2014), The growth and survival of plants in urban green roofs in a dry climate, Science of the Total Environment, Elsevier, 476-477, pp 288-297.

4- Razzaghmanesh, M., Aryal, R. and Beecham, S. (in press), The Role of Green Roofs in Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effects in Adelaide, South Australia, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, Accepted for publication: November 2013 - Paper CESE12205


1- Razzaghmanesh, M (2013), Developing resilient green roofs for Adelaide, NCCARF 2013, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

2-Beecham, S., Razzaghmanesh, M. and Kazemi, F (2012), "INTRODUCING GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE INTO THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT OF ADELAIDE", 6th International Conference and Workshop on the Built Environment in Developing Countries, Adelaide, Australia, 3-5 Dec.

3- Razzaghmanesh, M (2012), INTRODUCING GREEN ROOFS INTO THE URBAN AND BUILT ENVIRONMENTS OF ADELAIDE, Treenet Symposium, Adelaide, Australia.

4-Razzaghmanesh, M., Gransbury, J. and Beecham, S (2012),"Comparison of water requirements using the FAO-Penman Montieth and the Matth-Shuttlworth methods: A case study", 63rd International Executive Council Meeting, alongside Irrigation Australia‚Äôs own Conference and the ICID 7th Asian Regional Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 24-29 June

5- Razzaghmanesh, M., Beecham, S. and Kazemi, F (2012), "The role of green roofs in Water Sensitive Urban Design in South Australia", 7th International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design, Melbourne, Australia, 21-23 Feb.


1- Razzaghmanesh, M., Mohammadi, K and Samani, J.M.V. (2005), A RIVER QUALITY SIMULATION USING WASP6: CASE STUDY, 9th Environmental Engineering Specialty Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2-4 June.

2- Razzaghmanesh, M., Mohammadi, K and Samani, J.M.V. (2004), Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping Using GIS: Application to chamchamal Plain, Iran, 4th International Conference of Groundwater Quality, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, GQ, 19-22 July.

3- Razzaghmanesh, M., and Mohammadi, K (2003), Preparation of Chamchal Plain  Vulnerability  maps, using DRASTIC method, submitted in the 1st Iranian Soil and Water Resources Conference, Shiraz University.

4- Razzaghmanesh, M., Mohammadi, K and Khodadadi, A (2004),  Assessment of Pollutant Resources Impacts on Water Quality of Kor River, Using WASP6 Model and GIS, submitted in the 1st Iranian Water Resources Conference,
University of
Tehran, Iran.

5- Razzaghmanesh, M., and Misaghi, F (2004), Anticipation of Quality Changes of Kor River Water through Comparison of WASP6 Model and Artificial Neural Network, accepted in the 1st Iranian Water Resources Conference, University of Tehran, Iran.

6- Razzaghmanesh, M (2005), Beebara, Sarghanat and Helleh irrigation canals project in Dalaki Plain, submitted in the 1st Goharan Kavir Conference-Tehran-Iran-2005

7- Razzaghmanesh, M (2005), Impacts of Irrigation Management on Distribution of Salt in Soil, A Case Study, Tabriz Plain Irrigation and Drainage Network, Best Paper in the 1st Aji Chai Project Symposium, Tabriz-2005

8- Razzaghmanesh, M (2005), Tabriz Plain Groundwater Qualitative and Quantitative Study, submitted in the 1st Aji Chai Project Symposium, Tabriz.

9- Razzaghmanesh, M., Mohammadi, K and Ehsani, M.R (2005). Surface Irrigation Management in Real Time, Using Expert System, Technical Workshop on Mechanized Surface Irrigation, 4th of Dec.

10- Razzaghmanesh, M (2006), Impacts of Irrigation Management on Distribution of Salt in Soil, A Case Study, Tabriz Plain Irrigation and Drainage Network, submitted in Irrigation and Drainage Networks Management Conference, Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, 4-6 Nov.

11- Razzaghmanesh, M (2006), Tabriz Plain Groundwater Qualitative and Quantitative Study, submitted in Irrigation and Drainage Networks Management Conference, Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, 4-6 Nov 2006

Technical Reports:
A- Research studies reports:

1- Razzaghmanesh, M., Beecham, S. and Kazemi, F (2012), ANZ House green roof trials stormwater quality, July 2012.,%20energy%20and%20environment/climate_change/documents/BIF/green_roof_final_report_aug_2012.pdf,%20energy%20and%20environment/climate_change/documents/BIF/Appendix%202%20ANZ%20House%20Green%20Roof%20Trials%20Stormwater%20Quality%20Monitoring.pdf


Institute of Engineers Australia

Green Roofs Australia Organisation

Hydrology Society of South Australia

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA)

The Stormwater Industry Association SA & VIC

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Hydrology Society of South Australia

Green Roofs Australia

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