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Nadia Selim

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About me

Nadia is an Arabic teacher with a grounding in Applied Linguistics and English Language development & TESOL. Nadia taught at the Institute of Modern Languages (University of Queensland) and lectures part-time. She conducted various professional development and cultural understanding sessions for teachers, university staff and other organizations. Nadia has published academically and focuses on the effectiveness of Arabic programs designed for non-native speakers and Islamic civilizational thought on Arabic language learning. Nadia is also behind the “ArabicWithNadia” website, Mobile App and social media presence recently recognized in a UK editorial about the best Arabic resources. Nadia is doing her Ph.D. at the University of South Australia's Centre for Islamic Thought and Education. Her thesis examines the Arabic learning experiences of youth at Australian Islamic schools, for which Nadia has received a University Divisional Award for Excellence in Research by the Division of Education, Arts, and Social Sciences in the Transformed PhD category.




Muslim Youth Experiences of Arabic Language Learning at Australian Islamic Schools

Research publications

Selim, N 2019, 'Arabic should not be cast as heritage: Arabic lives', Ulum Islamiyyah (The Malaysian journal of Islamic sciences), vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 18-25.

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Selim, N. (2018) International Conference AAISC3: Rethinking Arabic literacy in the Australian Islamic schooling context. Paper presented at the 3d Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference (July 2018).

Selim, N. (2018) Arabic literacy at Australian Islamic schools, are we negligent? Paper presented at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society at the University of Melbourne (November 2018)

Selim, N. (2017) Post-grad Conference CILIS13: Arabic language learning experiences of Muslim youth at Australian Islamic schools. Paper presented at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society at the University of Melbourne (November 2017) 

Selim, N. (2017) International Conference AAISC2: What would an Islamic school Arabic curriculum look like? In collaboration with Associate Professor Angela Scarino, this paper was presented at the 2nd Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference (July 2017)

Selim, N. (2016): International Conference AAISC1: Arabic teaching at Australian Islamic schools: A C.A.L.L framework. Paper presented at the 1st Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference (February 2016)