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Pan Liao


About me

Pan Liao currently works at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia. Pan does research in Quantitative Social Research.

His research interests mainly include: historic Chinese tows, space syntax, land use, and heritage tourism.


Computationally Analysing the Spatial Pattern and Functional Change of Chinese Historic Towns Through a Heritage Tourism Perspective: Lessons from Selected Typical Chinese Historic Towns

Research publications

Liao, P., Rofe, M., Brisbin, C. & Gu, N. 2018. Towards a new computational approach to conserving the spatial authenticity of historic towns within a heritage tourism framework. In: ROGÉRIO AMOEDA, S. L., CRISTINA PINHEIRO, JUAN M. SANTIAGO ZARAGOZA, JULIO CALVO SERRANO, FABIAN GARCIA CARRILLO, ed. Heritage 2018 - Proceedings of the 6th international conference on heritage and sustainable development, 2018 Granada, Spain. Green Lines Institute, 1769-1780.

Guo, Q., Zou, G. & Liao, P. Discovering Architectural Dynamic Knowledge: An Extension Clustering Approach.  2018 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems (CCIS), 23-25 Nov. 2018 2018. 76-83.

Liao, P., Gu, N., Brisbin, C., Rofe, M. & Soltani, S. Computationally Mapping Spatial Properties of Chinese Historic Towns using Space Syntax. In: HAEUSLER, M., SCHNABEL, M. A. & FUKUDA, T., eds. Intelligent & Informed - Proceedings of the 24th CAADRIA Conference, 2019 Wellington, New Zealand. 361-370.

Liao, P., Gu, N., Brisbin, C. & Rofe, M. 2019. Discovering the spatial properties of Chinese historic towns through mathematical means: An evidence-based approach. Proceedings of the 12th Space Syntax Symposium. Beijing, China.


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