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Rasoul Rafat

Telephone: +61883022234


About me

Rasoul is doing a Ph.D. in School of Art, Architecture and Design. His research is about Landscape Urbanism Infrastructure and focusing on the two South Australian Green and Grey infrastructure projects as the case studies.
He has been undertaking a research fellowship program at the University of Tsukuba in japan which was granted by Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program Scholarship from April to June 2019.

His background is Landscape Architecture. He was working as an Architect and Landscape Architect for about 5 years professionally. 

Awards and Scholarships:

- Research Training Program international (RTPi), 2018
- International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS), 2018

- UniSA Travel Award, 2018
- MLFP Scholarship, 2019

Research Interests: 

Landscape Urbanism Infrastructure
Urban Ecology
Urban and Sustainable

Urban Planning and Design
Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure  


The Planning and Design of Urban Green and Grey Infrastructure through the Lens of Landscape Urbanism

Research publications