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Raziyeh Teimouri


About me

Doctoral Researcher

School of Art, Architecture, and Design

University of South Australia

Research publications

Reshadat. S, Zangeneh. A, Saeidi. Sh, Teimouri. R, Yigitcanlar. T, (2018), Measures of spatial accessibility to health centers: Investigating urban and rural disparities in kermanshah, Iran, Journal of Public Health.

Reshadat, S., Tohidi, M., Ghasemi, M., Zangeneh, A., Saeidi, S., Teimouri, R. and Yigitcanlar, T., 2019. Interrelationship between underprivileged neighborhoods and health promotion lifestyles: insights from Kermanshah, Iran. Journal of Public Health, pp.1-10.

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Ghorbani, R, Teimouri, R, Jadidiyan, A, (2014), Analysis of the destruction of gardens and urban green space due to urban development process, case study: Maragheh Garden City during 1994-2006, ISC Journal of Urban and Regional Studies and Research, Esfahan University, Esfahan, Iran. 6(22), 23-42 (in Persian).

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Soheylivand, L, Teimouri, R, (2015), examining the impact of land use changes on the unsustainability of urban development, First International Congress of Earth, space and clean energy, 5th of November Ardebil, Iran

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