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Thomas Folber


About me

I am an artist and current PhD candidate within the School of Art, Architecture, & Design. I also act as a sessional tutor within the UniSA College. My current research is focused on better understanding the conditions and implications of remediating digital artefacts into tangible artworks. More specifically, I am interested in exploring digital forms of hypermediacy through the lens and conventions of painting. 


Pictures from the Black Box: Understanding post-digital artworks through experimental Remediation

Pictures from the black box is a practice-led enquiry utilising critical approaches to digital artefacts, and experimental media translation, to better understand the conditions and implications of intermedial making after the post-digital turn. Through studio-based experimentation and critical contextualisation, this research aims to clarify how the representational strategies of Remediation theory relate to an artistic practice that shifts artworks between digital and tangible media using glitch based processes, technological reproduction, and painting.

By exploring the processes and outcomes of intermedial making in a post-digital context, my research aims to provide insights into what value non-digital interfaces may provide for understanding digital artefacts, how digital glitch aesthetics function as a form of intermedial Hypermediacy, and how the applied methodologies of Remediation and glitch can be utilised as practical modes of revealing in relation to black boxes of understanding within post-digital visual arts practice. 


Digital Transformations Research Group